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Simple Fractals is a journey, and these pages are the start of the journey. Here are simple fractal examples of the basic fractal types that can be created with KPT Fractal Explorer.


Basic Potential Fractal

Basic Potential Fractal


Basic Dendrite Tracing Fractal

Basic Dendrite Tracing Fractal
This mode uses a single pixel line to trace the edges of the fractal.


Basic Distance Estimate Fractal

Basic Distance Estimate Fractal
This mode uses an algorithm to compute an approximate distance from each point to the boundary of the set.


Binary Decomposition Fractal

Binary Decomposition Fractal
This mode splits up the outside are into separate squarish shapes.


Gradient Twist Fractal

Gradient Twist Fractal
This mode computes latitude and longitude for each point, and colors the outside of the set with a combination, yielding swirly or twisty results.


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Thorns, Ribbons and Bubbles
These coloring modes are representations of turbulence, or an airflow over the fractal set. They operate by placing barriers in the path of the airflow, and coloring points differently depending on which barriers they hit.

Thorn Style Fractal

Thorn Style Fractal


Ribbon Style Fractal

Ribbon Style Fractal


Bubble Style Fractal

Bubble Style Fractal


Mosaic Style Fractal

Mosaic Style Fractal
This mode is similar to Binary Decomposition, but draws smooth pyramid shapes instead of solid color squares.


Cilia Style Fractal

Cilia Style Fractal
This mode is also similar to Binary Decomposition.


Plasma Threads Style Fractal

Plasma Threads Style Fractal
This mode simulates a plasma ball effect by tracing the electrical paths of least resistance in the Potential rendering.


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