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Fractal Patterns

Blue Paisley Thorns - Fractal Pattern


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One can with good reason argue that all natural patterns are more or less iterative. -Janne Käld on fractal patterns


Calculated fractal patterns take on natural shapes to resemble a variety of familiar large and small forms.


Red & Yellow Lace
Mandelcube Ribbon Fractal

Delicate red, orange, and yellow ribbon patterns resemble the finest Belgian lace.

Red & Yellow Lace - Fractal Pattern


Metallic Stones
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Smooth, glistening rocks and pebbles of every color.

Metallic Stones - Fractal Pattern


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River Islands
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

View of a deep blue mountain river from high above.

River Islands - Fractal Pattern


Golden Baubles
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

A box filled with gold and turquoise jewelry.

Golden Baubles - Fractal Pattern


Blue Paisley Ribbon
Newtonbrot Ribbon Fractal

Blue, white and violet ribbons suggest a soft Paisley print.

Blue Paisley Ribbon - Fractal Pattern


Crazy Quilt
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Fractured moire patterns of squares and triangles form a striking quilt.

Crazy Quilt - Fractal Pattern


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