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Fractal Flowers


Kaleidoscope Flower Fractal


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The computer does not create the images and neither does the artist - they work together to simply uncover them. All of these images of fractal flowers had already existed in mathematical space but were just recently discovered.


Fractal Flowers Series 2

Tunnel Flower
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Violet, blue and green flowers line a deep swirling tunnel.

Tunnel Flower Fractal


Rockflowers 2
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Odd irregular flower leafs sprout from craggy rocks.

Rockflowers 2 Fractal


Blue Daisies
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Bouquet of blue & rainbow petals.

Blue Daisies Fractal


Flower Vortex
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

A deep dense orange flower overflows with pollen.

Flower Vortex Fractal


Blue Metal Flower
Mandelbrot Thorn Fractal

Blue and white metallic starfish shaped flower.

Blue Metal Flower Fractal


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Fractal Flowers Series 1

Pansy Violet
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Big and small red and violet Pansies ride on a swirling wave.

Pansy Violet - Fractal Flower


Mary Golds
Mandelcube Bubble Fractal

Bright red and yellow Marigold Tagetes with a blue background.

Mary Golds - Fractal Flower


Mandelbrot Thorn Fractal

Spiked teal and violet flower clusters possibly of the submarine variety.

Thornflowers - Fractal Flower


Flower Power
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Yellow and blue flowers are evocative of the art of the 60's hippie movement.

Flower Power - Fractal Flower


Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Lichen and flowers growing from between a pile of stones.

Rockflowers - Fractal Flower


Bamboo Orchid
Mandelcube Bubble Fractal

Yellow and red petals suggest the Hawaiian native orchid.

Bamboo Orchid - Bubble Fractal



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