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Song Dust Fractal
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Golden Shield Fractal
Fire Vortex Fractal
Metallic Stones Fractal
Red Bubble Galaxy Fractal

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Fractal Art

Sunset Fire - Fractal Art


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Fractal Art is not Computerized Art in the sense that the computer does all the work. The work is executed on a computer, but only at the direction of the artist. Turn a computer on and leave it alone for an hour. When you come back, no art will have been generated. -The Fractal Art Manifesto


Queen Anne's Lace
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Delicate flowers with a lace-like resembance to an old-fashioned doily.


Queen Anne's Lace Fractal


Ginger Fractal Series

Ginger Fractal #1
Mandelbrot Thorn Fractal

Swirling vortex of ginger, gold and orange thorns.


Ginger Fractal #1


Ginger Fractal #2
Mandelbrot Thorn Fractal

The vortex of thorns scatter and disperse.


Ginger Fractal #2


Ginger Fractal #3
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Soft pillowy ginger bubbles.


Ginger Fractal #3


Ginger Fractal #4
Mandelbrot Thorn Fractal

A dense nest of ginger thorns.


Ginger Fractal #4


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Red Fractal Galaxy Series

Flames Nest Fractal
Mandelbrot Thorn Fractal

Swirling red and yellow thorn flames.


Flames Nest Fractal


Red Paisley Fractal
Mandelbrot Thorn Fractal

Thorns give way to paisley pattern of infinite detail.

Red Paisley Fractal


Ribbon Turbulence
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

A turbelent jumble of vortices.

Ribbon Turbulence 2 Fractal


Ribbon Turbulence 2
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Turbulence degrades into chaos.

Ribbon Turbulence Fractal


Fire Ribbons
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Smooth fan blades of ribbon flames.

Fire Ribbon Fractal


Fire Ribbon View #1
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Fan blade ribbons curl at the ends.

Fire Ribbon Fractal Series #1


Fire Ribbon View #2
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Fan blade curls disintegrate into moire patterns.

Fire Ribbon Fractal Series #2


Fire Ribbon View #3
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Moire patterns change from jagged to smooth.

Fire Ribbon Fractal Series #3


Fire Ribbon View #4
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Moire patterns become textured.

Fire Ribbon Fractal Series #4


Fire Ribbon View #5
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Patterns become randomness of red and yellow thorns.

Fire Ribbon Fractal Series #5


The Great Divide
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Approaching the red galactic center.

The Great Divide Fractal


God's Eye
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal


God's Eye Fractal


Red Bubble Galaxy
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

A trip through God's Eye to another galaxy.

Red Bubble Galaxy Fractal


Fractal Art Series #2

Golden Bubbles
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Golden bubbles of champagne, or stardust?

Golden Bubbles Fractal


Song Dust Fractal
Ribbon Fractal

A stylized music staff swirls away like scattered dust.

Song Dust Fractal


Jackson Pollock Style #9
Modified Fractal


Pollock Style Fractal #9


Dimensions of the Universe
Fractal Flame

An imaginary view of multiple dimensions of curved space.

Dimensions of the Universe Fractal


Rainbow Ribbons
Ribbon Fractal

A strong resemblance to spin art.

Rainbow Ribbons Fractal


Rusty Blue Bubbles
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

A dense river of blue, white and rust bubbles.

Rusty Blue Bubbles Fractal


Peacock Fractal Flame

Imagining a bird with blue and violet plumage.

Peacock Fractal Flame


Fractal Art Series #1

Stringy Night
Newtonbrot Fractal

A midnight sky and swirling stars suggest Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Stringy Night - Fractal Art


Picasso Circus
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Red, pink, black and white bubbles appear to depict a festive show scene.

Picasso Circus - Fractal Art


Art Nouveau
Mandelcube Bubble Fractal

A string of golden lights floating above a blue background take on the shape of Art Nouveau ornamentation.

Art Nouveau - Fractal Art


Peter Max Ocean
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Green, purple and orange sea and sky background with a big blue whale.

Peter Max Ocean - Fractal Art


Pomodoro Sculpture
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Floating spiral of spheres suggests the metal sculpture of Amaldo Pomodoro.

Pomodoro Sculpture - Fractal Art


Chihuly Bubbles
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Organic splatters of mingled bubble shapes imply the work of glassblower Dale Chihuly.

Chihuly Bubbles - Fractal Art

Occult Balance
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Occult balance composition has the image focus outside of the frame.

Occult Balance - Fractal Art


Swauger Clay Fractal
Mandelbrot Bubble Fractal

Organic clumps could be a clay sculpture by Deborah Swauger.

Swauger Clay Fractal - Fractal Art


Carlson Tapestry
Mandelbrot Ribbon Fractal

Brightly colored ribbons resemble the intricate tapestry weaving of
E. Thor Carlson

Carlson Tapestry - Fractal Art



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If this fractal art is not to your taste and you would like to see truly great art created by a real artist visit the web site of E. Thor Carlson.


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