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Dark Fractals

Tie-Dye Fractal


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Dark Fractals are stark images of light that suggest darkness, emptiness, and evil.


Dragons Teeth 2
Thorn Fractal

Even more evil silvery blue spikes.

Dragons Teeth 2


Rust and Mold
Mandelbrot Fractal

A fractal appears to suffer from decay & corrosion.

Rust and Mold Fractal


Mandelbrot Fractal

All matter and light are drawn to a single point of infinite density.

Singularity Fractal


Bubble Claws
Mandelbrot Fractal

A nightmarish plethora of claws.

Bubble Claws Fractal


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Dimensional Rift
Newtonbrot Fractal

Energy-matter leaks through a hole in space-time.


Dimensional Rift Fractal


Mandelcube Fractal

3-D effect of a mesa rising from a swirling plain.

Tableland Fractal


Mandelbrot Fractal

Molecules escape from the surface of a liquid.

Evaporation Fractal


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